How to Revive Your Life After Child Loss 8 Week One on One Coaching Program

When I lost my 8 year old son 23 years ago, I thought my life was over.  I spent so many years stuck in my grief, not knowing it was possible to feel better.  I am so grateful that I finally found my way but it hurts my heart knowing that there are so many Moms out there that are struggling with so much:

  • Deep Sadness and Disbelief

  • Guilt, Regret

  • Exhaustion

  • Brain Fog

  • Isolation

  • Hopelessness

  • Numbness

  • Anger

  • Strained Relationships

You’ve joined Facebook Groups where other mothers share their grief but the sadness multiplied by all those moms is so overwhelming. You are afraid because so many say “no, it never gets better”, even after 5, 10, 20 years.

You were once a happy person filled with hope and now you are wondering “What’s the point? I’ll never feel joy again.”

You long for those days when you were just a “normal mom”.


→ Imagine shifting from hopeless to hopeful….

→ Imagine talking about your loss with someone who’s been there and will never judge you....

→ Imagine waking up without a pit in your stomach….

→ Imagine moving forward in memory of your child…

→ Imagine not only “bouncing back” but “bouncing forward”...

 In the How to Revive Your Life After Child Loss 1 on 1 Coaching Program you will:

  • Explore where YOU are on your grief journey and find what may be holding you back and could keep you stuck in your grief for years.

  • See that your life isn’t over - you aren’t doomed to a life of sadness.

  • Find there are things you can do to feel better.

  • Realize you can do more than just handle the basic functions of daily life. 

  • Receive tips on dealing with the roller coaster that is the grieving process from someone who has lived it

  • Learn about the scientifically proven fact that after great trauma and stress, amazing, almost super-human growth is possible. 

  • Learn that living well honors your child and his or her memory.

  • Thoughtfully consider the milestones ahead and begin to craft your child’s legacy.

  • Set goals for your own future.

  • One of the special Moms I’ve worked with said this when I asked what she would tell others considering joining my program “I would say GO FOR IT, it has helped me tremendously.  I even had someone tell me I had a spark in my eyes and I know the credit goes to you and our program.”

What’s included?

All coaching packages include a free 45 minute consultation call

8 Weekly 1 Hour One-On-One Coaching Sessions with me, Karen Camerato, Certified Grief Coach

Personalized Weekly Plan just for you and the specific issues you are currently facing.  Arrives in your inbox within 24 hours of our session.

Weekly Video sent to you every Monday morning discussing issues common to grieving Moms and giving you encouragement for the week.

A book I consider “life-changing” - Post-Traumatic Growth Workbook by Richard G. Tedeschi and Bret A. Moore

Access to me via text, email or Voxer in-between weekly sessions so you don’t have to wait to deal with overwhelming emotions or challenges that come up. 

Additional support, information and encouragement from myself and other members in my Facebook Group only for Moms who have lost a child.  This group is focused on finding ways to move forward with positivity and purpose.  

Special Gift chosen especially for you upon completion of your program.

When I began coaching other Moms like me, I finally found my life’s purpose.  It would be my greatest honor to help you find yours!